Envisioning change is an awesome task and responsibility. It is not just the function of analyzing empirical data, events, testimony or even evidence, although it is guided by all of these. A vision is a quick preview of history, a slice of reality, a glance into the unseen and a prediction of the unexpected.

In anticipation of future changes, and in response to the challenges of today, the City of Rialto Police Department is strategically retooling to provide for more accountability and for sweeping changes to better serve our growing community.

This document stands a testament to a department and community working together to make positive change. It is a collaboration of devoted police employees coming together to produce excellence in public safety. Strategic planning is of the utmost importance. This plan is the roadmap to move our department forward, to become the premier police department we know we can be.     

Click on the link below to view the Police Department Strategic Plan.   


Rialto Police Department Strategic Plan